As a company, we offer the experience of living Africa in a straight forward way. The natural way in which us, Lamba founders: Enric, Marc and Eduard, have experienced it.

Lamba is the name of an African rhythm, and we took it for our project as a sign of our respect for the African culture and society.

Our trips are designed to provide the visitor with an immersion into Senegal as a whole. The goal is to exchange knowledge and life experiences among different cultures. We define ourselves as a sustainable and responsible tourism company that wants to contribute to the local communities’ development.

The planning and monitoring of our trips takes place in Barcelona, but we count on our local native collaborators in the African country, who carry out all the necessary functions to take good care of the visitors and guide them once on site. To sum it up, we specialize in the living together with the Senegalese population.

Enric y Omar