Do you travel to learn?
We strongly believe that traveling is an experience and not just a visit. We have lived in the country and we know it thoroughly. Senegal is a land of contrasts. You will learn from their cultural diversity, you will experience how is the daily life of the people and we will take you to the most impressive places of the country.

Do you want to meet the Senegalese People?
Few societies in the world are so open and welcoming to foreigners and tourists. Lamba promotes the understanding and cultural exchange from the first day. The best souvenir of your trip will be a new friendship.

Do you believe in a responsible tourism?
We are an agency of sustainable and responsible tourism. We pay a fair wage to all our Senegalese workers. We were born with the goal of developing the local artistic community and nowadays we actively collaborate with the project of repair of theMedical Center of Saly-Velingara.

Are you looking for an African experience without undesirable worries?
Traveling to Africa may seem like an adventure and indeed it is. However, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and calm. We have been working in Senegal for many years and we know expert guides who, without disturbing, will ensure that you won't miss anything.