Senegal is a safe country; it is a welcoming and open country for foreign visitors. It is also one of the most democratic and stable countries in Africa. Senegal is popularly known as le pays de teranga, which means «a welcoming country and a place of living together among cultures in total harmony». Senegalese are also famous for their hospitality and festive personality.

Senegal is an ex-French colony; therefore its official language is French, although the language with a larger amount of speakers is the Wolof. The majority of the population is Muslim, but there is also Catholic population. The Senegalese are widely tolerant with all religions.

The climate is hot during the whole year. If you are close to the coast, the sea mellows the temperatures, which vary from 16ºC to 30ºC. In central and Eastern Senegal, temperatures raise considerably compared to the average, and at noon they can easily reach 40ºC. The rain season takes place mainly in summer; while, during the rest of the year, the climate tends to be quite dry.

Thanks to its political stability, and its geographic location, Senegal is one of the most industrialized countries in Africa, although most of its income comes from fishing and tourism.