From its beginning, Lamba was born as a travel agency committed with the African society. We want to take part in projects helping development in order to improve life conditions of the Senegalese. This is the reason why for 5 years we have had collaboration with the Project La Maison des Artistes - the house of artists -, which tried to give opportunities to the M’bour local musicians and artists.

Currently, Lamba is collaborating with, the association Sonríe que no es poco in the repair and consolidation of a Medical Center in Saly Velingara, which will contribute to the improvement of the sanitary conditions and will reduce the child mortality in the town and its surroundings. Our way of contributing to this project is donating a 3% of every trip’s price to the funds that are needed to repair de medical center.

In Senegal healthcare is not free and most of the population does not have the resources to cope with the cost of a medical consultation , an X-ray or the purchase of essential medicines. Consequently, a simple infection or a virus that could be healed with antibiotics or a simple treatment, can endanger the patient's life.

Special attention for Talibés.
One of the main goals of this project is that the talibés children can have a free access to the medical center.

The Talibés are children from 4 to 14 years old, which have been given away by their parents, generally farmers without resources, to the Marabús, the teachers at the Quranic schools. Some generations ago, this tradition, with deep roots in the culture of countries like Senegal and Guinea Bissau, allowed many children to have the opportunity of going to school and having a decent life.

In the past, the Daaras - Quranic schools -, were located in rural areas, and combined academic teachings with seasonal farming activity. This balance allowed them to be self-sufficient, and to offer the Talibés an at least acceptable life opportunity. However, the current situation is radically different. The Daaras have moved to the cities. Therefore they cannot rely anymore on the farming activity. And unfortunately, the Marabús, who used to take care of the children’s wellness, now make them slaves and force them into begging in the streets.