Enric Enric Guillén
Musician, percussion player, Djembé and African rhythms lover. Enric decided to travel to Senegal in summer of 2007. Enric’s Djembé teacher in Barcelona, who had spend long times in Senegal was the one to recommend Enric to visit Malang, his best Senegalese friend. Malang opened the doors of its home and showed him the whole country. During his stay in Senegal, Enric had the chance of learning its culture and immersing into Senegalese life values. Enric felt so lucky for being a part of that little African piece, that he thought the best option for him was to offer everyone the opportunity of repeating its experience.

Malang Mamadou Gassama ‘Malang’
Senegalese guide and tourist camera operator. Without Malang, Lamba would not exist. He opened his house to us, introduced us to his culture and madeus members of his big family. He transmitted the values that he follows on a daily basis, the ones that have changed our way of seeing the world. Malang has got all the qualities of the good Senegalese. He is a nobleman, honest, generous, measured, friendly and organized. Always quiet, he is always there when you need it. The first income that we had at Lamba, was entirely dedicated to building a house for Malang’s family. Malang’s house is now also a hosting place for the travelers who wish to live in an authentic African house.

María María Arcos
Dancer, cultural manager and devotee for Africa and its culture. In 2003 she went to Senegal for the first time, with the goal of learning African dance and to make a documentary for her bachelor thesis: " Mama Africa". Malang was her first contact and the one who first shared the Senegalese culture with her. She continued going to Senegal to improve her knowledge of African dance and in 2009 , together with 3 Senegaleses, including Malang, she launched the project of “La Maison des Artistes” : a company of dance and African percussion. Since then, working with the association Sonríe que no es poco and always maintaining a partnership with Lamba, she has coordinated numerous Senegalese artists, European travelers and volunteers. In 2015 this collaboration is strengthened and Maria becomes part of LambaTrips team.

Marc Marc Guillén
Journalist, businessman and a passionate for Africa. Marc did not hesitate in following his brother Enric that summer of 2007. The trip was such an intense experience, that when Enric suggested the idea of starting this project, Marc did not hesitate for a second. He still remembers the inner peace he could feel during that first visit. The simple experience of walking the world without stress and without having to pay attention to the watch at all times, was a sensation that changed his perspective of life, and also one that he definitely recommends to everybody.

Eduard Eduard Figueres
Musician, BA in Anthropology and audiovisual media producer. Eduard and Enric knew each other in a band, which combined Catalan rumba with African rhythms. He went with Enric to one of his trips to Senegal, with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of the roots behind the rhythms they played in that band. Eduard fell so in love with Africa that the next year he decided to go back. He was teaching English, Spanish and music in a school for adults, located in the southern part of Senegal. They called him «le professeur», the teacher, although he knew that the real student was himself.