¿Haven’t your kids ever asked to explore King Lion’s land? Senegal is the ideal country for a family trip. We have got available houses, cars, and visits adapted for children’s needs.

Price: from 600 euros.

Duration: from de 7 days.
If you wish, we can organize family routes anywhere in almost the whole country. Nevertheless, we offer our special suggested trip, designed for you to be able to relax in a family atmosphere, while you discover the geography and the Senegalese native people. Our proposition is for you to lodge in a house equipped with swimming pool, located close to the beach as well, which will be the base of your outings around the area and the country.

Lodging at La Somone
Located at 80 Km from Dakar, there is a little paradise called La Somone. It is a little lake with its mouth at the ocean, with one of the most beautiful beaches in all Western Africa. With an area of 7,000 acres, La Somone is an important natural reservation, with an intensive wild life where a variety of birds’ species have their home: pelicans, herons, flamingos...
The fact that such a paradise still remains so visited by tourists is surprising. It constitutes an ideal location to spend a dream vacation, while you discover the essence of an amazing country.
In La Somone there is abundance of spacious and comfortable villas, which are perfect to spend a comfortable vacation. Depending on the number of visitors, and of your preferences, we will find the right house for you: close to the beach or the lagoon, with a swimming pool, garden…

Children’s health, nutrition, transportation and safety
You don’t need to worry too much for children’s health, because in Senegal there is availability of good quality medical services. Also, everyone will travel with a full coverage trip insurance, which will solve any inconvenience. Just mention that before your trip, you will need to visit a tropical medical center, in order to receive the necessary vaccination.

In order to avoid any unexpected need, and to have a full coverage in case of any contingency during our stay, there will always be a car with a driver-guide at your disposal, lodged close to your. This way you will be able to go wherever you want at anytime. The car will be ready with safety seats for the children.

Concerning nutrition, in Senegal you can find all the basic necessary kinds of food (vegetables, meat, fish and fruit). In towns like La Somone there are supermarkets and western style restaurants. Anyway, as your lodging house will be equipped with a kitchen you will be able to prepare your favorite recipes and this way take advantage of the fresh and exotic local ingredients.

But this trip does not end at La Somone! All OUTINGS that we offer in our website are also included in this trip. If you want to explore other areas of Senegal you will only need to ask for it to your driver-guide one day prior to the visit. He will make the necessary preparations in order for you to enjoy a fantastic trip!

The price of the trips includes a fantastic activity for the little ones, the Accro Baobab’. Close to La Somone there is a beautiful forest of Baobabs (the typical tree of Senegal), with a park full of adventure activities for all ages: climbing, zip line, traps, bridges, stairs y may other surprises. The rest of the outings included in the trip are:

- Dakar / Gorée Island: Visit the historic Gorée Island and the busy capital of the country. The Slaves’ Island is a place to learn and meditate about the ancient time in Africa.
- Sine Saloum Delta: visit Serer ethnic group settlement, a rural market on your way to the ornithological reserve of Sine Saloum. Children will not forget the canoe trip through this maze of mangroves.
- Bandia Natural Reserve: a short but intense 4x4 safari that lovers of wild life will enjoy passionately. Children cannot leave Africa without having seen the animals in the savannah: elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hypos, zebras, buffalos, monkeys...
- Mbour Market: guided visit to the busy fish market, the third biggest market in the country. We will watch the arrival of the fishermen boats, and we will enjoy an amazing variety of fish. If we are lucky we may see a shark, and if you feel like it, you can buy a piece of shark meat for dinner.
- Joal- Fadiouth: visit the picturesque Joal and Fadiouth, also known as the Shell’s Island. We will discover a magic bridge that joins two villages, which seem taken from a fantasy world.

between €600 & €800 per person and week
The price depends on the number of visitors and the characteristics of the lodging requested.

- Pick up at Dakar airport
- Vehicle equipped with air conditioning. For groups from 2 to 3 people there is a Spanish, English or French speaking driver-guide depending on needs. From 4 people there is a driver and a Spanish, English or French guide.

- All outings mentioned before
- A donation of the 3% of the trip price to the project of repair of the Medical Center of Saly-Velingara.

Not included
- Air fares to Dakar.
- Fuel expenses for the car.
- Drinks.
- Personal expenses.

Departure dates
No scheduled dates. Possibility of organizing the route at any time of the year. However, we advise to spend at least one week in La Somone. This trip can be combined with one of our additional routes, which offer the possibility of exploring La Casamance, Bassari Country or Saint Louis provinces.

Te senegalés

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