Lamba opens to you the doors of Saly Velingara, a typically Senegalese village, in which we have built a house for our native Senegalese coordinator: Malang. If what you are looking for is an experience of living together with the native population, you can stay for some days in Malang’s home and share moments with his wife Ara and with his two little children. Spending some days in Malang’s house will imply a deep immersion in the life of an African village, and therefore you will be able to discover their daily routines by actually belonging to their society. The house that we have built is a humble home, like most of Senegalese houses, with electric power but with no running water.

You will discover little things like fetching water from the well, or cooking fresh fish at a grill. You will enjoy friendship and learn from the Senegalese people, who will show you that having a cup of tea under the shadow of a tree can be the most relaxing experience in the world.

Familia Malang

Family meals are an unforgettable experience. You will be able to go to the market with Ara, to buy daily fresh products. The basis of Senegalese gastronomy is rice, the perfect complement for fish, meat and vegetables. Also Ara is a great cook, and she will show you the secrets of a good African stew. Senegalese families eat around a big shared dish, and you will belong to this big family like one of them.
If you feel like completing your stay at Malang’s house with a bit of exercise, and make a deeper incursion into the Senegalese tradition, you can sign up for our dance or percussion courses, taught by the village artists. Class time will be from 2 to 4 hours a day and the price will be from €20 for a class day. Check it out in our Courses’ page.


Prices of the stay per person: 45€ (1 day), 275€ (7 days), 500€ (15 days) y 800€ (1 days)

Prices of the stay with music/percussion classes per person: 65€ (1 day), 400€ (7 days), 750€ (14 days) y 1200€ (1 days)

Full board during the whole stay at Malang’s house (all meals are included).
- Stays with classes include 4 hours of dance and percussion classes per day.
- A donation of the 3% of the trip price to the project of repair of the Medical Center of Saly-Velingara.

Not included
Bottled water


Te senegalés

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